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To structurally support MedTech companies in reaching their commercial, technical, clinical and regulatory milestones, MD squared offers a tailor-made assessment to evaluate the fit and readiness of your Medical Device or In-vitro Diagnostic for your selected target market(s)

From the initial idea to a marketed product, MD squared supports your MedTech company in (re-)defining your product, regulatory and clinical strategy to reach the milestones you aspire, and to create tangible value with product claims proven in a regulatory compliant way. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts with Marketing, Technical, Clinical, and Quality & Regulatory background allow you to discover s critical interdependencies of your product and market choices already in an early stage.

Based on the real life challenges we encountered in Start- and Scaleup MedTech companies, we developed tool kits to structure your current situation and gain insights to guide your critical decisions.  As a result we provide you with a clear view on where product choices have critical interdependencies and implications in the clinical, technical and regulatory field. Our Venture QuickExamTM delivers for start-up and scale-up companies an assessment of all critical areas for a successful market entry, and provides recommendations on how to effectively reach the next milestones. The Product ClaimManagerTM helps to pinpoint for your innovation at any point of its lifecycle how to sharpen your proposition to enhance product value. If you want to enter new markets or redefine your market strategy, Product ClaimManager helps you to make informed choices on options to differentiate versus the Standard of Care, their perceived value and required efforts of substantiation in a regulatory compliant way.

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