Health Technology Assessment (HTA) - a critical step for your Market Access

  HTAHealth Technology Assessment (HTA) is a general name for multidisciplinary research in which several aspects of a health care intervention are evaluated. In the first place this is the medical component: is the intervention safe, does it work under ideal circumstances (efficacy) and/or under normal circumstances (effectiveness).

Additionally we look into whether the application of a device offers ‘value for money’ in comparison to existing alternatives (cost-effectiveness/utility) and how it impact existing budgets and payment schemes.

There are two interesting ways in which an HTA can be extended:

1.   Proposition Feasibility Indication

Within the context of both the medical- and economic assessments findings, we look at the feasibility of your innovation going to market:

  • Can it be developed, manufactured, delivered and supported towards clinical end-users?
  • What are the important risks, what are the expected costs, what are the critical resources needed?
The indication of the Proposition Feasibility can be organized as a quick-scan with a short lead time, or it can be installed in your development project as continuous running set of indicators.

2.  Create and maintain the definition of the Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

A Minimal Viable Product focusses on those critical product characteristics for your customer target group, which trigger their preference of your product over alternatives. The MVP therefore is the leanest version of your new product which has been validated to still provide tangible value for your customer. This pathway enables the shortest time to market of your product whilst preserving its relevant benefits.

MVP is highly suited to translate your intended product claims to adequate technical requirements, and it supports all phases of the Product ClaimManagerTM approach of MD squared.

A good MVP requires thorough understanding of the clinical use, the specific market and technology, the business model, the capabilities of the company/team and its partners and suppliers.

Developing the right MVP is a multi-disciplinary effort, which MD squared facilitates and effectively drives. Our know how is to combine an iterative approach with the regulatory requirements of design control and correct documentation. As such we safeguard that the MVP stays in line with the defined claim.
To define your MVP we will share our expertise in your product development process, help you to distill and translate the right customer insights from interviews, review your project specs and -plans, and based on a number of checkpoints deliver a continuous independent insight in the status of the MVP.

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