Systematic Value Generation & Claim Prioritization based on Economic Impact

Join MD squared & Cetas Healthcare at the 6th MEDTECH COMMERCIAL Leaders Forum in London, UK on October 18th, 2018

Ceta's Managing Director Sumit Mehta will be together on stage again with Claus Schaffrath to share insighs on Systematic Value Generation and Claim Prioritization based on Economic Impact.   

In an interactive dialogue with the audience Sumit and Claus will adress key questions of Product Claim Management, such as

How do you discover the relevant claim space for your target customer?

How to assess value and regulatory implications for aspired economic claims? and

How to build a claim portfolio on differentiating impact before and after product launch? 

More background information on this upcomming session and the full conference program can be found HERE. .

Further information on Product Claim Management can be found HERE

What we offer

What we offer

MD squared provides the following Services
  • Business Development and Marketing Consultancy for the introduction of novel products and product categories for the Medical Device Industry
  • Medical Support in Regulatory Strategy and Compliance. 
  • Clinical Evaluation & Validation Support and communication with notified bodies and competent authorities.
  • User Needs Assessment and Product Portfolio Analysis for clinical and economic value creation.
  • Clinical Risk-Benefit Analysis and Post-Market Surveillance Plan for Medical Devices.
  • Adverse-Event-Analysis, Mitigation, Reporting and Follow-Up
  • Workshops, Trainings and Seminars on Product Claim Management for Medical Devices
  • Health Technology Assessment and mHealth Compliance

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